Welcome to LComm

At Lutchansky Communications, we combine creativity with in-depth knowledge and a high level perspective on technology to deliver results that make a positive impact on your business. We use our knowledge, insight and perspective, in addition to a unique focus on personal relationships, to break through the hype and noise in today's industry to deliver clear, memorable messages for our clients. In addition, we are personally fascinated by technology and the effect it has on our daily lives. We are passionate about what we do, and that passion translates into results that make a positive difference for our clients. We have found that these practices deliver PR with Impact. In the rest of this website, there are additional details on what we do, how we do it, and our expertise in the industry. Or contact us right away at RobinL@LComm.com.

Our Strategies:

  • Focus on substance
  • Think like a member of management
  • Provide editorial/analyst input
  • Give the customer a voice
  • Match corporate vision with market reality

Our Process:

  • Research (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)
  • Formulate strategic messaging with "hot buttons"
  • Present innovative, focused PR program complete with financials, timing and expected results outlined
  • Make product easy and exciting for editors to write about
  • Measure results
  • Fine-tune the process, repeat successful practices